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Introducing of waste-to-energy plant in The Gambia

Introducing of waste-to-energy plant in The Gambia

This is an interesting article about how technology could possibly be used to make use of waste in The Gambia.

Every civilisation produces waste and the more advance a civilisation is sadly the more waste is being produced.

This and other prevailing factors lead to the inception of Bio Energy Power Gambia Ltd. since the 24th of September 2018 with the aim of expansion and stabilisation of energy sector in The Gambia.

The operation involves installation of 200 power plants throughout the breath and length of the country. Dr. Alkali A.F. Conteh the manager & Ralph Hanswille is the sole inventor of this waste processing machines.

The energy produced would be stored in the national grid for later use specifically to combat blackouts and restore street lightening.

The operation will give rise to about 10,000 job opportunities ranging from the transportation, management, treatment, maintenance and security personals of the various installed plants thereby boasting the economic status of the people involved in the entity.

Individuals can gain income by gathering waste to enable us live in a waste free environment.

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