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Organised Chaos – Driving on Gambian Roads

Organised Chaos – Driving on Gambian Roads

When my cousin picked me up from the airport upon my arrival, on the drive home the chaotic nature of the traffic immediately stood out and my first reaction was “I am not driving on these roads!” And I meant it.

Seeing how he maneuvered around cars parked literally on the road, how he avoided crashing into abruptly stopped vehicles and when you think he’s in the clear a pedestrian jumps from the curb headed for the other side of the road walking nonchalantly. There is also the trash collecting donkey carts (they’re the “thing” now) that obviously have the same right of way as the vehicles. Get stuck behind them and take in some of the pungent aroma for a few minutes before you can maneuver past them also.

Be careful though, a wheel barrow pushing; plate toting or cart pushing hawker may decide that was the perfect time to cross over to the other side. There always seems to be the need to get to the other side of the road for some reason or the other and good luck seeing one pedestrian crossing point marked on the road.

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