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Classroom 1 has chairs!

Thanks to the kindness of the Aid2Gambia charity, classroom 1 at Busumbala Nursery School now has ten tables and twenty chairs.

This is a big step towards us opening the school in September 2019.

Mark Hammans in England and Baba Bojang in The Gambia are both heavily involved in the Aid2Gambia charity and have been kind enough to support us with our need for furniture.

The Aid2Gambia charity is heavily involved in supporting people in The Gambia in many ways. Their biggest project has been sending over ambulances to The Gambia. They have already been successful with this aim and are now working towards sending over a second shipment of ambulances.

Aid2Gambia also collects and sends school equipment to The Gambia. They also have a charity shop in The Gambia where Baba Bojang can be found.

If you would like to know more about the Aid2Gambia charity then please visit their website at

If you would like to contact Mark Hammans then he can be found administrating the ‘Gambia as we see it’ page on Facebook at

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